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Corporate Social Responsibility

Despite the evidence that sustainable film production can save money, sustainable production documentation, transparency and coordination in the motion picture industry still remains an emerging concept.

The organization of an industry-wide performance assessment that includes sustainable production best practices from around the world could provide consistency across film productions, a platform for documentation and a coordinated approach to greening the screen.

At Film and Music Entertainment we believe that being green could play a leading role in the global movie scene.

Film and Music Entertainment Commitments in CSR

F&ME is committed to generating a sustainable legacy of filming wherever it is shooting in the world.

F&ME is committed to promoting employment among the local population wherever it shoots (hiring of extras, others).

F&ME is committed to the contracting of local support services providers (caterings, generators, cleaning services, etc.).

F&ME is committed to the promotion of the tourist and natural values ​​of the shooting locations whenever possible (in credit titles, actions to promote film production, etc.).

Code of conduct

F&ME evaluates the possible impacts, in the pre-production phase, on living organisms, biological cycles of ecosystems, geological elements and water resources caused by the shooting activities in external locations of the natural environment with special sensitivity. F&ME also plans preventive, corrective or mitigating actions of these impacts for its implementation during the shooting phase. In this sense, it undertakes to establish a direct dialogue with the environmental authorities of the locations in which the exteriors of the film production are filmed, in order to minimize the impacts caused.

F&ME is committed to minimizing the consumption of toxic and / or hazardous substances due to its ecotoxicity (portable toilet disinfectants, VOCs in decorative and stage paints, products used for special effects, hairdressing products without CFCs, etc.). Likewise, the correct dosage of these substances and the correct storage and handling of them should be sought.

F&ME is committed to the responsible consumption of office supplies and consumables, especially at the pre-production stage, printing only the documents that are necessary and using environmentally friendly office material, especially in relation to paper consumption. This will use PEFC or FSC recycled paper, with low grammage, as well as low environmental impact inks. It will also ensure the recycling of waste (toners, batteries, cartridges, paper, etc.).

F&ME is committed to minimizing the consumption of materials, prioritizing rent over purchase for the acquisition of props, sets and changing rooms, thus avoiding the consumption of materials and the generation of waste in its preparation.

F&ME is committed to the selective collection of waste and subsequent management with carriers and authorized managers.

F&ME commits itself to respect for animal rights- The origin of live animals used for filming must be in accordance with current regulations and international conventions on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora, ensuring at all times an ethical and respectful treatment during the transport and use of the animals.

F&ME is committed to the protection of minors - films in which minors participate must be subject to the values ​​of protection of children and youth. F&ME promises to avoid statements or visual presentations that may cause mental, moral or physical harm to minors.

F&ME is committed to selecting suppliers through CSR criteria. Give preference to those suppliers who can prove their sustainable and responsible behaviour.

F&ME is committed to guarantee the non-exclusion of workers due to race, sex, age, nationality or personal situation.

F&ME is committed to promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at risk of exclusion to carry out those jobs that do not require special qualification

F&ME is committed to preventing, correcting or minimizing discomfort to citizens living in the vicinity of the external locations, for which the necessary channels of communication are generated with the stakeholders involved.

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